2016 Hearing Aid Study for Music and More

The new Starkey Muse family of hearing aids was designed to do everything that all major brands of hearing aids do but they added something. Starkey engineers designed the hearing aid electronics to identify and enhance the sound of music.

Gardner Audiology, known for its consumer research, decided to survey 162 new and experienced hearing aid users about the improved hearing they experienced with Muse hearing aids including the quality of music.

In exchange for their opinion on pre and post fitting questionnaires, participants were rewarded with free exams and 30-day free loan of the Muse model of their choice.

As expected this new hearing technology tremendously helped people hear and understand conversation even in noise.

We have surveyed over 4000 hearing aid users over the past 7 years. This was the first time we introduced questions about music quality.

First, our results shed some light on just how important music is for people who suffer from hearing loss. Eighty-eight percent of the participants felt that music was somewhat or very important while 12% did not feel music was important in their life. This validates Starkey’s decision to design a hearing aid that optimizes music.

Ninety-three percent of participants rated the sound of music improvement to be good to excellent when wearing their Muse aids. Kudos to Starkey for designing a hearing aid that improves music while maintaining the ability to optimize speech understanding

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