My 2015 Tinnitus Relief Update

In October, 2013, I wrote a blog about my personal experience with tinnitus. I thought it was time for an update. I have been using the Starkey Xino Tinnitus receiver in the canal hearing aid for about a year and a half. I find great relief from my tinnitus when I use the masker. I often wear it Monday through Friday, and leave it out on the weekends. My personal primary trigger for loudness of my tinnitus is stress. If I have a particularly stressful day, my ear will be screaming by the evening. Most days, my masker effectively distracts me from the tinnitus; however, some days I hear my ear noise louder than the masking. Even on those days, the masking does seem soothing. It is important to understand that maskers do not get rid of the tinnitus, but they may make it easier to live with. Because my tinnitus is unilateral and I do have sensitivity to loudness in that ear, I monitor my hearing regularly. If I were to see a change in hearing, I would consult an Ear, Nose, Throat physician for further evaluation.

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