One Hearing Aid or Two is a Personal Choice Based on Results

FD was originally seen in the Gardner Audiology Inverness office following medical clearance for hearing aids… He originally presented with a hole in his eardrum; therefore, referred on for medical treatment. Once medically cleared for hearing aids, FD and his wife returned for a consultation. He was hesitant about trying hearing aids, but agreed that […]

Some People Do Not Want or Need Expensive Hearing Aids

VB came to the Crystal River office of Gardner Audiology. She and her husband had been noticing gradual hearing difficulties and they wanted to have a hearing consultation. Although they knew she likely needed hearing aids, finances were a concern and had them putting the visit off. Testing revealed significant hearing impairment and options were […]

Military Physical Identifies Profound Hearing Loss

One of my patients is struggling with hearing loss in retirement. I found his history very interesting and so with permission from him and the Association of Late Deafened Adults this is a reprint of one of his articles. Life In The Middle End of The Hearing Loss Spectrum My whole life I have experienced […]

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