Gardner Audiologist evaluates Starkey Series 3 hearing aid technology.

I’ve worn most makes and models of hearing aid since my head injury in 1972 while serving in the U.S. Navy. This has given me the unique opportunity to wear and evaluate hearing aids before I recommend them to my patients. I am passionate about collecting consumer satisfaction questionnaires from the patients who wear the […]

Doctoral student has experience of a lifetime at audiology convention.

About three months ago I attended my first Audiology conference as a doctoral student. The American Academy of Audiology hosted their annual AudiologyNow! conference in Orlando, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It travels around the country each year; 2013 was held in California, and 2015 will be held in San Antonio, Texas. These […]

Ninety year old Gardner Audiology patient tunes into brunch in St. Petersburg

I had the privilege of joining a special lady approaching her ninetieth birthday for brunch! She is an acquaintance of mine who has had obvious hearing problems. She was recently fitted at Gardner Audiology with Starkey X Series 110 in-the-ear hearing aids after losing one of her mail order hearing aids. Brunch was shared by […]

Audiology Doctoral Student Conquers First Year Challenge

Over my years at Gardner Audiology, I’ve had many patients ask what it takes to become an Audiologist. Many are surprised to learn how extensive our education is, so I am giving you the scoop as a current Audiology doctoral student. Currently, most students begin with a four-year Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders, […]