Should You Repair or Replace Old Hearing Aids

R.H. has been a long time patient in the Crystal River office. He had been wearing an older model Starkey hearing aid and one had quit working. We discussed options for repair or trialing newer hearing aids, as he has hearing aid benefits through his insurance. He opted to trial a new pair of hearing […]

Zephyrhills Man Now Happy He Lost his Old Hearing Aids

MG had been wearing mid-level receiver in the canal hearing aids for 4 plus years, and had been fairly happy with the aids. He came in to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology in February after losing the aids on a cruise. He opted to trial a set of Starkey X110 RIC hearing aids, because […]

Origin of the Word Tinnitus

Tinnitus, from the Latin word “tinnire”, meaning to ring or tinkle like a bell, is a hearing ailment that affects over 35 million Americans. The word tinnitus is derived from the word tintinnabulation, which designates the ringing, jingling, or tinkling of bells. The English dictionary may have had the word tinnitus as early as 1685. No doubt that tinnitus […]