Significant Other Encourages Better Hearing

P.V was initially seen in October of 2013 as part of an Open House. He had a slight difference in hearing between ears, but it was noted that he had a significant difference between ears for word understanding. It was recommended he be seen by his primary care physician for medical clearance before proceeding with […]

Doctors Cannot Always Predict the Benefit of Hearing Aids

On more than one occasion, I have had a patient come to me in one of the Gardner Audiology offices, telling me that a doctor told them a hearing aid would not help them hear better. After checking their hearing, I find one ear to be severely impaired with reduced speech understanding. My opinion on […]

Predicting Outcome with Hearing Aids in St. Petersburg

After 35 years of helping people hear with hearing aids I can predict that a person will recover the ability to hear and I can objectively verify that fact with some very sophisticated measuring tools. However, I cannot predict when people will perceive enough benefit to wear them on a regular basis. I never know […]