His Wife likes His New Hearing Aids

F.C. and his wife came into the Inverness office for a hearing consultation. He reported not hearing well and his wife constantly comments that he does not hear her. She complains that he turns the volume of the TV too loud. He was motivated to hear well. Testing revealed a moderate high frequency hearing loss […]

New Hearing Aids for the Birds Bring Smiles

FO came to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology to see if he could participate in our current field study of new Starkey hearing aid technology. He and his wife are avid birders and he has not been hearing the songs of many birds. This hobby is a very important part of their lives and […]

How to Get Hearing Aids Right the First Time

Gardner Audiologists provide a lot of second opinions about hearing aids that were purchased outside of our practice. For instance, I recently evaluated a patient with good quality national brand hearing aids who was unhappy with his 4 month old instruments even though he had returned to his provider on numerous occasions for adjustments. I […]