A Case Study of Hearing Aid Benefit for Alzheimer’s Patient

In January 2014 Hearing Review magazine, Denis Hampton, Ph.D., the editor of Audiology Hearing HealthCare news, reviewed recent studies about the links between dementia and hearing loss. He stated that there is a strong correlation between the two but there are few data specifically on the effects of hearing aid use on dementia. He did […]

Florida Vocational Rehabilitation Helps Hearing Impaired Earn a Living

C.M is a long time patient of Gardner Audiology in Crystal River. She has been working at a retail store in Homosassa, FL and it is noted she is not hearing the customers well. She has been wearing an old analog hearing aid on her right ear; her left ear is un-aidable due to medical […]

She Lost Her Backup Set of Ears

NL came to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology to see if she qualified to participate in our current Field Study of new technology. She stated she had a gradual hearing loss and that her husband had tried for a long time to get her to see someone about the problem. She brushed it off […]

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