When You Can’t Afford a Hearing Aid in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The average cost of hearing aids in the Tampa Bay area ranges from $890 to upwards of $3000 each. The more expensive of those hearing aids manages and reduces distracting background noise much better than the cheapest ones. Inexpensive hearing aids perform very well in quiet environments and with television. What if you cannot afford […]

Update on Zephyrhills Hearing Aid Patient

This is a follow up on RW, longstanding hearing aid user that was fitted with Starkey Wi110 RIC hearing aids in the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology in December, 2013. RW had been wearing Starkey BTE hearing aids that were top of the line when she purchased them 3+ years ago. In December she called […]

Follow up: Inverness Hearing Aid Patient Tries Again.

W.A. had been seen in our Inverness as part of Field Study. He was initially fit with a Starkey Ignite 20 RIC hearing aid in September and though his wife saw significant improvement in his hearing and communications with her, he ultimately returned the hearing aid in October stating he did not feel he needed […]