Tinnitus Relief and Sleep

DL came to me on a Friday with complaints of tinnitus. He reported a history of noise exposure and has had ringing in his ears for many years. This year he was diagnosed with cancer and has begun treatment including radiation. Approximately three weeks ago, DL’s tinnitus changed. Two new sounds started, in addition to […]

Blames Hearing Loss on James Brown Concert

I will be fitting Starkey hearing aids on a St. Petersburg woman who claims that a onetime occurrence of exposure to an amplified speaker at a James Brown concert caused her hearing loss. That happened over 35 years ago so I am sure there are some other contributing factors such as age and additional noise […]

I Love These Starkey Wi 110 Hearing Aids

R.L. came in to the Inverness office during our recent open house. She had worn hearing aids for several years and has not been satisfied with the fit or sound quality. Her biggest concerns were hearing the television and the shows when they attend the theatre. Screening of hearing that day indicated a severe high […]

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