Tinnitus Relief from Starkey Wi 110 Hearing Aids

Mr. S. has a history of exposure to loud music which probably caused his hearing loss and bothersome tinnitus (noises in his ears). Before consulting me he did his homework on hearing devices that offer relief from tinnitus. He came to me with a list of hearing aids that had built in tinnitus maskers. I […]

Back to Work with Starkey Hearing Aids

T.S. came into our Crystal River Audiology office on referral from Florida Vocational Rehabilitation (VR). She had worn hearing aids in the past, but had not worn them for several years. She was interested in new hearing aids as she was hoping to move back into a medical assisting career and knew she would need […]

JR Returned for Better Hearing

JR and I met at the retirement residence where he and his wife live. I had gone there to offer hearing screenings and answer questions about hearing, hearing loss, and hearing aids. JR came to me to have his hearing screened. He had wax in his ear and we decided to have his ears cleaned […]