St. Petersburg Patient Called with Good News Today

Over the phone he said, “The doctor told me that my MRI was clear. I do not have a brain tumor and I want to move forward and try hearing aids.” He was upbeat on the phone and obviously relieved with the finding. Last month he approached me for new hearing aids but, my exam […]

My Ear Is Screaming From Tinnitus

August 29, 2011 began as a typical work day. As I drove to work, I suddenly began to hear tinnitus in my left ear. Over the years I would occasionally hear noise in my ears, but it would only last a few seconds and then would disappear. This time the noise did not disappear. It […]

Starkey Water Resistant Hearing Aids Are a Better Value

P.M. came in following internet research on waterproof and water–resistant hearing aids. He has worn hearing aids for approximately 10 years. He lives on the water, participates in many water activities and perspires heavily when working outside. Following his testing we discussed Starkey hearing aids as they are rated as 100% water resistant. P.M. had […]

Mail Order Hearing Aids Illegal in St. Petersburg for a Reason

Introduction One of my established St. Petersburg patients returned to my office complaining that she had ringing in her left ear and loud sounds were uncomfortable after she started wearing hearing aids that were mailed from her insurance company. She reported that her insurance company had adjusted the hearing aids according to my recent hearing […]